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okay, sorry i haven't been able to do anything with this community. now i think i'll be able to.

first off, i was wondering what your favorite lyrics from straylight run is and why/what exactly they means to you.

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Name/nickname: kizer.
Age: 19.
Top ten favorite bands: the used, straylight run, brand new, senses fail, blink 182, old school conor oberst, the early november, jack's mannequin, and spoonboy.
Top five favorite books: the perks of being a wallflower, invisible monsters, the da vinci code, a man without a country, and rx.
Top five favorite movies: donnie darko, a clockwork orange, berth, billy madison, and art school confidential.
Top five favorite songs: at the moment...
on my own - the used
holiday from real - jack's mannequin
blue and yellow - the used
a box full of sharp objects - the used
reckless abandon - blink 182

What is existentialism to you: living beyond living. picking things apart and knowing who you are, why you are, etc.
Pictures of you: i'll include pictures at a better time.


okay, livejournal has been acting crappy lately and giving my computer problems, so i'm not really on here as much.
i still want you all to post and whatnot and i apologize in advance if i take a while to approve your posts.

about posting, i just want this to be an active community where kids can talk about whatever they like without any problems.
so you can post break downs of lyrics, your own songs or poetry, pictures that you take or even pictures that you like, pictures of bands, etc.
there really isn't anything that i don't want to see here as long as it's kind of related to the whole "artsy punk thing".

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Having deduced that I must be the only dude here... Uh... Whats the average females take on chicks (as far as lead singers are concerned) in rock bands? Like... I can only name a handful, but I think it totally works with the exception of Avril. No idea what the hail shes been up to, but I think the words co and cain were involved.

But a favorite band of mine - Vedera, they're led by Kristen May, and I think shes got a terrific voice... downright leveling. And I was just watching MTV2 or something... mighta been vh1 but I doubt it... anyways, there was this band... think its called paramore (spelling?) and they werent too bad. I actually downloaded an album of theirs and though the lyrics leave much to be desired, the sound is pretty groovy.

So, yeah... ladies... Where do you stand?
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I totally just got back into Your Favorite Weapon (Br&New), and I was wondering, first and foremost, if ya'll have heard that album, and secondly, what yer favorite song might be from said album. I've always been a fan of jude law; that's the song that hooked me on br&new. 70x7 is another great one, that and soco... well they're pretty much all kick ass. So, again, what's the best, in your opinion?
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name slash nickname: jared slash sofaking
age: 19 and a half
top 10 favorite bands: thrice, brand new, veda/vedera (that law suit was totally bogus), foo fighters, sum 41, blink 182, goo goo dolls, man this is hard... cause I pretty much only listen to the first three... uh... *checks hdd*... funeral for a friend, uh... thrice, and dustin kensrue.
top 5 books: flowers for algernon, the universe in a nutshell, k-pax... man this is hard as well... The last thing that I read was a russian-english dictionary... and my german-english dictionary... I hope they count.
top 5 movies: v for vendetta, the matrix trilogy (thats totally only counting as one), deja vu, lucky number slevin, and notting hill.
Top five favorite songs: oh...god. cant I do like... top five albums? this sucks... wait... when you said top five, did you really mean top 15? Cause sometimes those keys can stick, and then people have to cut out about 90 percent of their favorites... bah... anyways... in no particular order and truncated to the max!

where idols once stood
to awake and avenge the dead
the artist in the ambulance
stare at the sun

...all thrice by the way...

what is existentialism? ... etwas dass ich nicht verstehen kann... warum ist das wichtig? ...ist ja mir egal.

Pictures of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:

uh... they're all sorta big... heres some links though...

numba one

and numba two...

... hope that suffices...
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Name/nickname: Sherri
Age: fifteen
Top ten favorite bands:
The Used, Jack Off Jill, Saosin, Flyleaf, Funeral For A Friend, Anberlin, Breaking Benjamin, H.I.M., Bullet For My Valentine, Garbage
Top five favorite books:
Cirque Du Freak series, Girl Interrupted , Prozac Nation, Skinny, Girl with a Pearl Earring
Top five favorite movies:
Pan's Labyrinth, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Girl Interrupted, Corpse Bride
Top five favorite songs:
1. The Used - On My Own
2. Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn
3. Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
4. Jack Off Jill - When I Am Queen
5. Within Temptation - Angels

What is existentialism to you:
Being an individual and doing things only for yourself and not what other people expect of you.
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a couple things:

1. from now on, we're all going to vote on whether to accept someone or not. so when they post, just put a yes or no and an explanation if you want.

2. don't post or comment if you aren't even accepted..

3. when you get accepted, you need to post the survey that's in the info... then we decide if we keep you or not. if you don't post, i'll just delete you.
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Name/nickname: Steffanie.
Age: Seventeen
Top ten favorite bands: brand new, bright eyes, taking back sunday, fall out boy, forgive durden, 30 seconds to mars, panic! at the disco, thrice, the used, the academy is...
Top five favorite books: fight club, lullaby, suvivor, invisble monsters, perks of being a wallflower
Top five favorite movies: fight club, secret window, lucky number slevin, lion king, shaun of the dead
Top five favorite songs: Sort of.
1. brand new - no seatbelt song
2. taking back sunday - my blue heaven
3. cobra starship - you can't be missed if you never go away
4. from autumn to ashes - mercury rises (not really a song)
5. the used - on my own

What is existentialism to you: Something I was taught in English class, had to write an essay about, and never thought about afterwards. It's bunk.
Pictures of you:

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First Entry.

Name/nickname: Sonya.
Age: Seventeen as of January 21st.
Top ten favorite bands: (1) Paramore, (2) Jack's Mannequin, (3) Something Corporate, (4) Sick Puppies, (5) Armor For Sleep, (6) Goo Goo Dolls, (7) Nickelback, (8) Acceptance, (9) Secondhand Serenade, and (10) Incubus.
Top five favorite books: (1) Just Listen, written by Sara Dessen, (2) The Perks of Being a Wallflower, written by Stephen Chbosky, (3) The post-secret books, (4) The Monster of Chicago, written by Herman Mudgett, and (5) Lucas, written by Kevin Brooks.
Top five favorite movies: (1) [I know this is a television series, but I watch it all the time and own the two seasons on DVD so I'm counting it.] Grey's Anatomy, (2) Flightplan, (3) Coach Carter, (4) RENT, and (5) A Lot Like Love.
Top five favorite songs: Currently it is as follows: (1) Vulnerable, preformed by Secondhand Serenade, (2) Brighter, preformed by Paramore, (3) Ever the Same, preformed by Rob Thomas, (4) The Shooting Star that Destroyed Us, preformed by A Static Lullaby, and (5) There is, preformed by Box Car Racer.

What is existentialism to you: I think it's basically that people have complete control over their own lives to do with it as they please. Since they are held for having full responsibility when it comes to creating their own lives and what it means to them, if it's not how they wanted their life to turn out, they have nobody but themselves to blame.
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Name/nickname: Danielle.
Age: 16. But only for two more weeks.
Top ten favorite bands: NOFX, Bob Marley, Sublime, Thursday, Anti Flag, The Faint, Third Eye Blind, Journey, Alice In Videoland, The Shins.
Top five favorite books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Impulse, Crank, The Lottery Rose, Mein Kamph.
Top five favorite movies: Fight Club, RENT, Ghost, The Nighmare before Christmas, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Top five favorite songs: :| Any five from the bands above.

What is existentialism to you:
Hmm. Adding to something, extending something, making it larger.
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